Given name Tya Ab Razak

Hi i'm Tya Ab Razak. 19 already. This is my story & journey. September 19, 1994 was the date i born in this world . Love soft color . She write what's on her mind .. her personal blog .I'm childish , hot-temper, open minded, friendly and The only daughter and children in my family.Live with my mummy and love my bf. Thanks " usha " my blog! can follow me maybe? hahahaha. Ok bye

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Sunday, March 10, 2013 | 11:23 AM | 0 comments

almost mac. almost mei.
Exam, exam, exam ..........
but i'm not ready yet 
i'm feel very stupid 
yeah i know i'm lampi 
i need a ketenangan
ya allah, please give me a strength

i wish everyday i can smile without any problem and tension
i wish i can do and finish all my homework
so tension please go away. i beg you

aku tau ni broken english, so do i care? 

sincerely, ME